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To be an American is to have the freedom to do what I want. Classroom Diversity I teach first grade in a public school.

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I have eighteen students in my class, eight girls and ten boys. In my classroom, I have a very diverse group of students. Some of the diversity in my classroom is very obvious and some is not. A lot of my students come from different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Essay on the significance of diversity in the classroom

Some of the diversity is not that visible. All students learn differently; meaning they have different learning styles, different levels of motivation and different. As teachers, we have a strong moral obligation to share our passion for learning with our students, but we often doubt our effectiveness.

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As educational leaders and administrators, it is our mission to implement a student-centered approach to learning and to facilitate a community of learning. With the students in the center of our decisions and behaviors, it is imperative that we consider all. The cultural differences that this creates can often put teachers at odds with their students. Sometimes the cultural beliefs of the teachers may even clash with those of the students which can end up preventing the student from having a positive or successful learning experience.

Student Diversity and Classroom Management Classroom Management is imperative to a successful school year because it includes all of the practices and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn. Without appropriate classroom management, even the best lesson plans will fail to succeed because it has such a huge impact on student achievement. Successful classroom management should begin the minute students walk into the classroom on the first day of school.

Procedures and. Diversity in the Classroom Essay examples Words 4 Pages. I believe it is important to first analyze the word diversity when examining the need for diversity within a classroom. According to Webster's New Pocket Dictionary, diversity means variety, a number of different kinds. I often discuss and read about diversity in terms of cultural backgrounds; the unification of histories and stories from people from all over the world.

Diversity in classroom

Although, I believe that in a higher-educational setting, diversity can also be discussed as the acceptance of the various minds within a classroom. I believe that it is important to recognize the thoughts and experiences of others in a learning environment. Collectively, students learn from teachers, teachers learn from students, and students learn from their peers. By …show more content….

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In higher education, this relationship should not exist. In a school like Columbia, where the faculty is still active within their field of study, students should be seen as equal participants within that field. A teacher may have more familiarity, but a student's experience should not be compromised within the learning environment.

That is why diversity is important within the classroom. An acknowledgement of diversity allows for students and teachers to feel free to question and observe the learning at hand. In a recent class I took at Columbia, I found that diversity was forgotten.

Diversity in the Classroom: Advantages and Disadvantages

The class consisted of students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, each with a story different from my own. Talk about your goals and weave your diversity story throughout. Talk about your personal interests and motivations. Write a strong conclusion.

The conclusion should sum up everything said in the essay and leave the reader with a sense of closure. Give your essay to a professor or friend to proofread. It's best to have as many eyes as possible read your paper, so that the first draft is mistake-free. Make any necessary corrections and read through the essay again, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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Diversity in the Classroom

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