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You'll need to make sure your essays are strong to increase your chances of admission. In this article, we'll go over the UPenn essay logistics—covering exactly what you need to write for each college you're applying to at UPenn.

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Then, we'll break down each prompt, offering suggestions for what to write about. Finally, we'll give tips on how to write an amazing UPenn essay that'll help you get into your dream school. If you're applying to UPenn, you must submit your application to one of UPenn's four undergraduate schools. Depending on which undergraduate program you're applying to, you'll need to answer UPenn's specific statements as well an additional essay for that school.

The UPenn specific essay is a traditional "Why UPenn" essay that asks you to elaborate on why you want to attend UPenn as well as what you hope to study at the undergraduate school you're applying to. Here's that prompt:. At Penn, learning and growth happen outside of the classroom, too. How will you explore the community at Penn? Consider how this community will help shape your perspective and identity, and how your identity and perspective will help shape this community.

For students applying to the coordinated dual-degree and specialized programs, please answer these questions in regard to your single-degree school choice; your interest in the coordinated dual-degree or specialized program may be addressed through the program-specific essay. Depending on the undergraduate program you're applying to, you may have to write an additional essay as part of your application. In this section, we'll analyze each of the UPenn supplement essay prompts and offer suggestions for what you should talk about and avoid for each.

For students applying to the other coordinated dual-degree and specialized programs, please answer this question in regard to your single-degree school choice; your interest in the coordinated dual-degree or specialized program may be addressed through the program-specific essay. The first prompt, which all students must answer regardless of what program they're applying to, is a traditional Why UPenn essay. It asks you to explain why you want to attend UPenn.

While these types of prompts are common, the Why UPenn essay prompt focuses specifically on academics—it's not concerned with your interest in UPenn's extracurriculars or campus life. Your answer, then, needs to be specifically focused on your academic pursuits and how UPenn will help you achieve your goals. You'll need to talk about how the undergraduate school you're applying to affects your academic interests, so do your research on the school. You don't want to talk about a class that you won't have access to because it's in another undergraduate school.

All of your answers should be reflective of the courses you'll be able to take if admitted to the undergraduate school of your choice.

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You should have a good sense of the classes offered by your program. It's a good idea to name specific classes or professors you'd like to study with. Similarly, if there are any specific opportunities available to students in your field, such as internships or study abroad programs, this essay is the place to talk about it. The first prompt was largely focused on academic interests. The second is where you can think more about community.

Going to college isn't just about what you'll learn in class. It's also about forming life-long friendships and exploring different communities to find out who you are and what you like to do. Of course, you can't predict exactly what your social life is going to look like before you even get accepted. You may end up in clubs you never expected, with friends you never anticipated. But that's okay—UPenn isn't asking you to lay out, step-by-step, how you'll participate in college communities. They just want to know that you're thinking about it!

To answer this question, consider looking into UPenn's many student-run clubs and activities and find some that match your interests. Think about how these clubs and activities will contribute to the vision you have of your future. What impact do you expect them to have on you? But don't forget the second half of the question! UPenn also wants to know how you will shape the community, not just how it will shape you.

What unique perspectives do you bring? What can you do that nobody else can? This question is a pretty typical "why you? Think about how you fit into your social groups; what makes you unique? Are you the token caregiver friend? Or maybe you're always pursuing a new weird hobby, and your friends love hearing about what your new niche interest is.

These are just two traits that you could use to explain what you'll bring to the UPenn community— get a little creative, think about how you participate in your friend groups, and plan how you're going to bring those thoughts into your new school! This question is pretty straightforward: UPenn wants to know why you want to be part of the Artificial Intelligence program. You have over words to tell them about your interest in AI, your goals, and how attending UPenn will help you achieve them.

With any prompt of this kind, you want to be sure that your essay is unique to the school you're applying to, and also to you as an applicant. You want UPenn to know that you're the right candidate, and that they're the right school for you. To demonstrate this, make it clear that your essay is crafted specifically for UPenn. One way to go about this is to cite specifics about the college's program. You can talk about professors whose work you admire, specific courses you want to take, or clubs you want to join.

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Using specifics makes it clear that you're passionate about this college, not just the prospect of college in general. You want UPenn to come away with the impression that it's not just about getting your degree, but about getting your degree from UPenn's Artificial Intelligence program—nothing else will do. You don't have to beg and plead for you acceptance letter, but do make it clear that you're interested in this college because of its strengths, not just because it's convenient! Please list pre-dental or pre-medical experience. This experience can include but is not limited to observation in a private practice, dental clinic, or hospital setting; dental assisting; dental laboratory work; dental or medical research, etc.

Please include time allotted to each activity, dates of attendance, location, and description of your experience. If you do not have any pre-dental or pre-medical experience, please indicate what you have done that led you to your decision to enter dentistry. What activities have you performed that demonstrate your ability to work cooperatively with people?

Please explain your reasons for selecting a career in dentistry. Please include what interests you the most in dentistry as well as what interests you the least. Do you have relatives who are dentists or are in dental school? The prompt for the Bio-Dental program is extensive. Attack it in pieces, being as specific as possible when answering each question.

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Don't feel that you need to make up any specific experience. If you haven't interned at a dentist's office, don't invent that experience. You should stick to reality. If you haven't observed at a dentist's office, you can set up a time to visit a local dentist so that you're writing about your real experience, not something you've invented. When listing your activities, be sure to indicate how each is relevant to dental skill. Maybe you do a lot of needlepoint, which shows that you're able to carry out complex patterns.

Again, you don't want to make anything up.

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