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That is why students at colleges and universities are often assigned to write a domestic violence research paper or research paper on divorce. In this article we want to share with you our insight on how to write a good essay on these important topics and give you some food for thought with topic ideas. The following outline can also be applied to other research papers. If you are writing a research paper on domestic violence or a research paper on divorce, outline may be modified depending on the topic and the type of research.

The abstract. In your abstract, give a brief summary of your paper so that your readers can see whether this particular research is in line with their interests. Also, mention the following points:. The introduction. This section links to the abstract and gives additional information about the topic you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs.

Highlight how the issue is important and why the reader should pay attention to it. Also, you need to write a thesis statement. The literature review. In this section you can highlight the most interesting findings from the recent publications and researches. Share statistics and other materials related to the topic.

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  • Mainstreaming domestic and gender-based violence into sociology and the criminology of violence.

Mention research gaps in the literature and point out moments that need further investigation. The methodology. Here you need to discuss the methods that you have used to investigate the chosen issue. Share your findings on the topic. For example, if you have conducted a survey, you will need to discuss the data you have received as a result. You can illustrate the major data in tables or diagrams, as people frequently perceive visual data better.

Also, describe the received data. Sum up the information that you have disclosed in all parts.

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Demonstrate how your findings are significant, and highlight the key findings from your research. If possible, show new or improved ways of thinking about the issue. Please note: Your outline may take another form, especially when you have not conducted the field study.

For example, instead of the methodology and results sections, you can discuss several sides of the issue. Divorce and domestic violence contain hundreds of issues. These topics can be viewed from various points: social, psychological, historical, economic, and more.

This problem can influence all people of all races and ethnicities.

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As a result of the above actions, you will get a list of topics. All you need to do is choose the most interesting to you.

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  • Mainstreaming domestic and gender-based violence into sociology and the criminology of violence.

Make sure you have enough information to write about. Explore the issues connected to domestic violence in the list below. You can take one of the domestic violence research paper topics as a basis for your own paper. Despite this Read More. Social science research on stigma has grown dramatically over the past two decades, particularly in social psychology, where researchers have elucidated the ways in which people construct cognitive categories and link those categories to stereotyped Persistent racial inequality in employment, housing, and a wide range of other social domains has renewed interest in the possible role of discrimination.

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And yet, unlike in the pre—civil rights era, when racial prejudice and discrimination were overt and In recent years, the right has become a powerful force in many parts of the world. This review focuses primarily on the United States, with comparisons to rightist movements elsewhere.

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Our focus is movements, not political parties or intellectual trends. The recent proliferation of scholarship on collective action frames and framing processes in relation to social movements indicates that framing processes have come to be regarded, alongside resource mobilization and political opportunity processes, as a Email Share.

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Family Violence Annual Review of Sociology. Richard J. Download Citation Citation Alerts. Abstract This chapter reviews research on family violence. Related Articles Journal Most Downloaded.

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Abstract Preview. Abstract The term intersectionality references the critical insight that race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, nation, ability, and age operate not as unitary, mutually exclusive entities, but rather as reciprocally constructing phenomena. Conceptualizing Stigma Bruce G. Link and Jo C.