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Such research can focus on a wide array of topics, such as the origins, development and progression of diseases as well as their prevention, recognition and treatment, and often involves patient-oriented clinical research. The Master's degree program in Medical Biology generally requires three semesters, consisting of course work, a Master's thesis and a final module.

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The specialized Master'degree programm in Medical Biology 90 can be taken as a single major or be combined with a minor The student's achievement is assessed at the end of each module. Achievements are graded on a scale from 1 to 6, whereby 6 denotes the highest grade of achievement and 1 the lowest.

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Therefore, development, structure, and function of the nervous system are studied with a broad spectrum of techniques, including biochemical, molecular and cellular, as well as physiological approaches. Obviously, for functional studies in vivo studies are particularly important although challenging.

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A wide variety of imaging methods are crucial for neuroscience research. Neurological diseases are still one of the biggest challenges in human health.

However, for the development of therapies a more detailed understanding of development, structure and function of the nervous system is key. During this time the candidate is expected to acquire expertise in a particular field of neuroscience but also to get an overview of the neurosciences at large.

To this end, we offer a variety of lectures and courses.

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The main practical and mandatory course is BIO During these seven weeks the candidate will get an overview on neuroscience research in Zurich. Therefore, this course is also a good starting point to find a laboratory for a future Master project.

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The list is subject to change. Useful links: Zurich Neuroscience Center.

Compulsory modules:. The module should be taken before writing the Master thesis.


Recommended block courses:. Recommended lectures:.

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